Keeping your kitchen clean is one of the most frustrating of tasks, especially if you are working in a commercial kitchen. Chefs and their staff need to focus on their cooking duties to prepare delicious meals, so it’s a good idea to have someone else handle their restaurant cleaning duties. Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is no joke – they need to maintai standards to pass inspection and to keep your business operational.

Besides inspection, cleaning is necessary to avoid infestations, and food-borne illnesses. Professional cleaners can help you out by staying on top of the cleaning. Commercial cleaning services know what tasks they need to undertake to keep your business running.

Here are some recommendations given by industry professionals on restaurant cleaning. 

Cleaning Annually

Restaurant cleaning tasks that need to be seen to once a year includes cleaning equipment like pilot lights on all the gas-operated equipment like grills and ovens. This is important to keep the equipment under working conditions. However, be careful and follow the instruction manuals for cleaning as they can differ from brand to brand.

If you have issues handling such cleaning tasks by yourself, you can turn to commercial cleaning services like Go Green Cleaning Services, instead. Such professionals can also keep the fire suppression system and extinguishers properly operational to ensure they are ready to use in case of emergency. 

Bi-Annual Cleaning

You need to have your kitchen fume hoods cleaned by commercial cleaning services at least twice a year. It depends on how heavily they and the kitchen are used, but getting it done once every six months is ideal. Greasy hoods are potential fire hazards that can occur along with fungal infestation. Taking care of this restaurant cleaning job is both hectic and time-consuming for your crew. Hiring professionals for the job will save on time and be reliably clean as well (since tired or bored kitchen staff that already has too much to do is not burdened with it). It will ensure that the grease around the hoods don’t spread, as well as sanitize them effectively. It is highly recommended to let the professionals handle this job rather than letting kitchen staff do it. 

Cleaning Monthly

Mark a day or a week in your calendar every month to have the restaurant cleaning crew inspect and remove any greasy buildup from the fryers or cooking ranges. They can help eliminate it before it builds up and becomes difficult to remove. Clean the refrigerators and ice machines monthly, as well. This is necessary to avoid heavy frost and bacterial issues inside these machines. Similarly, the kitchen walls and ceiling should be cleaned along with clearing out dry storage items like bread crumbs. General maintenance can also be carried out by commercial cleaning services – just sign a monthly contract with the cleaning company to this effect. 

Cleaning Weekly

Weekly restaurant cleaning tasks include cleaning the faucets, sinks, and the ovens as well. Remember to keep a weekly schedule to oil cast iron skillets, as well. 

Cleaning Daily

Daily restaurant cleaning tasks include changing foil linings on the grill and cooking ranges to avoid grease buildup from leftover food particles and oil spill. Daily washing items include slicers and can openers along with daily use equipment like dishes, pans, pots and utensils. Mopping the floors and wiping the walls on a day-to-day basis also ensures that all food debris or splashes are cleared along with disinfecting the trash cans in surrounding areas of the kitchen. You can have a contract with a suitable commercial cleaning service, such as Go Green Cleaning Services, to handle all such cleaning tasks.