Does your restaurant need professional cleaning service? If so, you’ll need answers to a certain set of questions before hiring a restaurant cleaning service. Below are some examples of such questions.

  1. Does your budget allow you to hire a professional?

Before you outsource your cleaning work, make sure that your business is financially capable of hiring a cleaning service. Focus on your restaurant’s profit and loss reports and get some insight into the financial health of your restaurant. Also think about how to stay within your budget after hiring cleaning experts. For example, you could reduce the frequency of cleanings or provide the cleaning staff with your set of tools. Else, you could request a smaller square footage area for cleanup.

  1. How much does a restaurant cleaning service cost?

Typically, professional cleaning services charge by the square foot or by the hour. For cleaning a small surface area, you can expect to pay around $50/ hr to a commercial cleaning service. For more specialized cleaning, expect it to cost more; however, it won’t be so pricey that you can’t afford.

Pricing will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Location
  • Number of people required for the job
  • Specialty cleanings such as kitchen equipment, carpets, or windows
  • Personalized cleaning that matches your needs and budget
  • Restaurant size
  1. What types of services does your restaurant need?

You can pick and choose what you want a restaurant cleaning service to take care of. Instead of getting your entire restaurant cleaned, just get the kitchen cleaned. If you already have skillful  help in your kitchen team, they’ll take care of most of the cleaning. For instance, are you looking for professional cleaning services for just your kitchen only or the dining area, lobby, and behind the bar, as well?

Most commercial cleaning companies offer common services such as:

  • Sweeping and mopping floors, including dry storage areas and walk-ins
  • Cleaning countertops and metal surfaces
  • Deep clean stoves, ovens, grills, and fryers
  • Wipe down food particles from tops and sides of the equipment
  • Sanitize the walls
  • Dispose of trash
  • Degrease exhaust fans and hoods
  • Clean out any filters on equipment when not being used

 Choose Go Green Restaurant Cleaning Service

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