Ecological or green cleaning is not a new concept, it is something that our grandmothers already did by combining 3 or 4 basic products such as vinegar, bicarbonate, lemon juice, or an artisan soap. In this Go Green Cleaning post, we tell you what the main advantages are for both our health and the environment on hiring Green Cleaning Services.We all like that the spaces we inhabit are clean and hygienic, not only for the image they project but also for eliminating as much as possible any type of bacteria or virus that can cause us illnesses. For this reason, we often use very aggressive cleaning products for disinfection, without taking into account that long-term exposure to these products can cause serious illnesses.

The health benefits of using Go Green Cleaning are:

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  • Avoid allergies and irritations or any type of skin disease.
  • Damage to the respiratory system.
  • Damage to the central nervous system.
  • Different types of cancer.

What is Go Green Cleaning

When it comes to the environment, many of the ingredients in detergents and cleaners are not biodegradable or require a very long time to be assimilated by nature. In this way, a large amount of toxic waste ends up in our rivers, lakes and seeps into groundwater.

The benefits of using Go Green Cleaning services are:

  • We use cleaning products made with natural ingredients. They do not emit harmful toxins.
  • They are highly biodegradable.
  • They are not tested on animals and do not use ingredients of animal origin.
  • Some are made from raw materials from renewable sources.
  • Therefore, by using ecological products we are not only avoiding polluting our home or business but it is also a responsible choice with the environment and the care of the planet.


Advantages of green cleaning for you and the planet

In our pantries, or under the sink, bottles and containers of bright colors are piled up for cleaning that, if we look at the substances that compose them, can become a real-time bomb.

Do you want to know the specific advantages that Go Green Cleaning Services have over the traditional ones?

We try to eat balanced diets, we practice sports whenever we can to lead a healthy life and we clean the spaces where we spend time to guarantee our well-being. But also to ensure hygiene and health, keeping viruses and bacteria at bay. But do we really bet on our health when we clean with products that release gases and toxic waste? Traditional cleaning products are part of our daily lives but, is “Ecological cleaning, fad or reality?”

If you are concerned about your health and that of your family, especially if there are babies or young children, or you want a safe environment for your pet or you are someone sensitive to the continuous deterioration of the ozone layer, what you are looking for are ecological cleaning products.


Why use organic cleaning products

The first thing that we must consider in the manufacturing process of ecological cleaning products is that they pass many strict controls than those of traditional products, especially with regard to their ingredients. This means that most of the ingredients have to be of natural and non-chemical origin, they cannot contain toxic substances dangerous to health or the environment and they have to be practically completely biodegradable. In many cases, in addition, no components of animal origin are incorporated or attempts are made to minimize the use of plastics through concentrated products or reusable packaging.

Health benefits

What happens when the products we use to clean are not biodegradable or require an excessively long time for nature to assimilate them? As we have seen, toxic substances in organic products are replaced by alternatives. They do not have negative effects on our health or that of the planet while still being efficient in cleaning: sodium bicarbonate, natural soaps, extracts of vegetable fats, or essential oils from plants. Chemical cleaners, detergents, or fabric softeners are toxic. Let’s see what the substances present in almost all cleaning products are and what effects they produce:

  • Formaldehydes: suspected of being carcinogenic. They cause allergies and irritate the mucous membranes, also causing fatigue and depression.
  • Perfumes and fragrances: They are irritants and can cause damage to the central nervous system. They are achieved by mixing substances of chemical and synthetic origins such as benzyl alcohol, linalool, or benzyl acetate.
  • Cationic surfactants: alter the natural balance of the skin causing various pathologies.
  • Volatile organic compounds: related to various types of cancer and suspected, like halogenated compounds, of creating damage to internal organs and causing allergies.