Have you ever wondered what are the key performance indicators that keep your restaurant business on track? You may feel like serving delicious food is just the case, but there are other factors that the most loyal customers of yours keep a lookout on. Your restaurant beforehand serving delicious food should strictly follow strict rules to maintain hygiene as per industry standards. For a food enthusiast, a clean restaurant is everything that matters to provide him with a certain experience he’s looking for.

Additionally, the clean tables, sanitized napkins and lit floors are a sign of a 5 star-restaurant which are not that hard to achieve if you follow a few simple steps. Today, we’ll be discussing the five essential restaurant cleaning tips that neither you or anyone from your staff including chefs and cleaners can ignore anymore.

Restaurant Cleaning Tip #1: Train Staff to Meet Food Safety Standards

Before you expect a full proof cleaning schedule from your team, train your kitchen team about basic hygiene rules. Remember that your restaurant’s food safety depends on all the hands that handle food. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make them learn crucial food safety practices and procedures to pass the Safe Quality Food Standard (SQF) Certification. This certification will help your business throughout to make sure it matches the highest standards.

Restaurant Cleaning Tip #2: Team Up With The Health Department To Be Safe

Find a health department that assists you in bringing your business to the top. Get your restaurant’s food safety inspected from whichever department is in charge of restaurant health inspection work in your region.  Don’t wait for them to conduct inspections and raise a bad bar in your food safety. If you’re supposedly graded with low marks, now is the time to make things better with the collaborative approach of your staff and relevant health authorities.

Restaurant Cleaning Tip #3: Opt For Healthy Options

Is your restaurant’s physical environment under control? Like what measures do you take to keep roaches out of your restaurant? Here we would like draw your attention towards the professional pest control service that makes sure your restaurant is free from unwanted rodents and flies.

And while the pest controller’s work hard to reduce pest-related violations from cooler and freezer gaskets, and all throughout the kitchen walls, you can simultaneously point them out other potential food-contact surfaces you think you know.

Restaurant Cleaning Tip #4:  Call Hungry Customers and Make Them Leave Healthy

During the last few years, the United States has witnessed a huge outbreak of food poisoning and the extremely common E. coli infections. Important strains of E. coli infection in individuals are observed as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, fever and nausea leading to severe diarrhea. Even the famous eateries such as Taco Bell and Chipotle were targeted by the contaminated food.

Have a look at essential factors that enhance food illnesses in the long-term.

  • Inadequate washing of hands
  • Cross-contamination (toxins from uncooked meat can be transferred to vegetables used in salads)
  • Inappropriate food inventory
  • Improperly cleaned cooking equipment and eating utensils
  • Food affected from cockroaches, flies, and other restaurant pests

Hence, keep your food surfaces, kitchen countertops sanitized to meet the mandatory food safety standards.

Restaurant Cleaning Tip #5: Benefit From Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is the key to success. Just know that your customer even if he is at fault won’t tolerate your bad behavior and besides dine at a filthy restaurant. With concern to this, give your customers the best of everything in terms of food service, and ambiance, but most outstandingly in restaurant cleanliness.

Here’s another quick tip for you. In conjunction with following all these ways to maintain your restaurant kitchen cleaning routine, always be consistent with your cleanliness practices. If you lack time then you can hire proper professional restaurant cleaning services that are dedicated to providing commercial cleaning services in Nashville mainly covering restaurants, local diners, pubs, hotels, and more.

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