Office is like your second home when you are giving it 40 hours in a week already. Adding to that, you are busy developing your business there, so, there are certain things that you are overlooking. Office cleaning might be the aspect that is not getting the enough concentration from your end. For that, there is a solution. You don’t need to freak out because Go Green Cleaning can be of great help in cleaning your office space.


Have you observed the cluttered desks and cupboards right after a week of work? And it becomes so frustrating when piles of papers and files are scattered all over. Sometimes you find yourself finding the important stuff like your keys and important cards beneath them. Many times it becomes a difficult task to differentiate between the important papers and the useless ones. The proper arrangement of these papers and files become mandatory as it is devastating for the overall office management.


The most disgusting thing in an office could be a dirty and unhygienic restrooms. The foul smells because of dirt is enough to spoil your day. Moreover, your clientele visiting your office can judge you through the messy and unhygienic restrooms. So the rest rooms require your attention. You need to hire a professional Office Cleaning Services that can take the responsibility to take care of all these things.


If the electronic items aren’t clean, they might stop working properly. Moreover, the heap of dirt is not good for your company’s image in front of the visitors. Proper cleaning service is required for the AC, fans, boards and sockets. The dirty work environment is also a compromise on your employees’ health and productivity. Clean environment is the guarantee of better performance from the workers.


Break rooms are designed to keep eating stuff. Because of spillovers, there can be stains over there. Moreover, the food stains can smell of rotten food which you have to avoid at any cost. Office cleaning services like us have prior experience of dealing with such stuff. We know the cleaning job well. Our hardworking cleaners will give your break room a shine of glass.


Trash bins are overloaded every now and then in the office. And you, being the CEO of a company have no time to remove the trash from bins. You need someone to deal with this like a pro. Our cleaners are fully trained to be the in charge of cleaning every bit and bites of your office and that include the bins too.


Handing over the charge to an experienced office cleaning service is a wise decision for you can’t handle the job yourself. Still, you have to be the supervisor of your own office’s cleanliness. Here is the checklist of the things that have to be cleaned up at the end of the day:


  • Seats and tables must be dusted off properly.
  • Neat and tidy arrangement of reading material in a waiting area.
  • Proper arrangement of important files.
  • Furniture, blinds, electronics, decorative ornaments, etc. must be cleaned properly
  • Marks on the walls and furniture must be removed.
  • Kitchen/break room is cleaned and managed
  • Restrooms are in order.