If there is something fundamental in a gastronomy business, it is to keep all the facilities impeccable, and especially the kitchen area. So it is important to know about restaurant cleaning and organizing work so that everything is perfect every day. But before we start, we want you to assist in offering the best ecological yet affordable commercial cleaning services.

General tips on restaurant cleaning

  • Performing the daily restaurant cleaning tasks on the iron, the fire zone, tile backsplashes, work tables, and sinks, helps to maintain cleanliness at all times. It also reduces the time to time to do deeper disinfection.
  • A weekly review of all surfaces prevents the dreaded grease from accumulating, hardening, and making cleaning work more difficult.
  • Regarding the choice of cleaning products, they should be disinfectant and certified. Thus, avoid strong fragrances and toxic range.
  • In any case, any type of chemical used in cleaning must be eliminated by rinsing and drying, avoiding contamination of food in industrial kitchens.
  • In addition, prolonged exposure to products or substances with acidic components or salts can deteriorate the protective layer of aluminum, producing corrosion that progresses, deteriorating the surfaces.
  • After cleaning the commercial kitchen, the metal surfaces must be thoroughly dried. This is to prevent bacteria from proliferating or corrosion.
  • Acquire non-abrasive cleaning utensils. Avoid the use of stainless steel scouring pads that scratch the protective layer on the surface of metal furniture.
  • When cleaning the digital panels that contain some equipment, use wrung cloths to prevent water from penetrating and damaging them.

Restaurant cleaning: How to clean, maintain the hygiene of the industrial iron

  • The best way to clean an industrial iron with the least effort is to use the scraper. After each use remove any remains that may have adhered to the surface, preventing them from drying out.
  • Spray vinegar or lemon juice dissolved in water, leaving it to act as a degreaser for the industrial iron for a few moments. To continue removing the dirt, use a cloth. And if you need to clean more deeply, help yourself with a soft scouring pad and a suitable degreaser.
  • After rubbing the entire surface, rinse with a cloth dampened in plain water, as many times as necessary to get rid of soap and dirt.
  • Finally, use kitchen paper to dry completely. Avoid corrosion by spreading a little oil over the entire surface, which will act as a protective layer for the industrial iron.

Restaurant Cleaning: How to clean a commercial kitchen extractor hood

When it comes to thinking about restaurant cleaning, cleaning the kitchen hoods is one of the most entertaining tasks. And the one that will give you the most laziness, although it is an unavoidable job in any business, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, and to maintain safety against possible fires.

  • To begin, you will have to disassemble the filters, and put them to soak in hot water with a degreaser.
  • Let it act for a quarter of an hour, rubbing on both sides, and repeating the operation again, before putting it in the dishwasher to finish its cleaning.
  • Meanwhile, you can work on cleaning outdoor kitchen hoods, spreading a degreasing spray, and after a few minutes, remove with a cloth soaked in very hot water.
  • If there are more difficult traces of embedded grease, you will have to use a scouring pad that is not very aggressive, to avoid scratching the surface. Finally, rinse with a cloth and hot water, before drying with kitchen paper.
  • To help you clean the inside of the cooker hood, you can bring water to a boil to generate steam that will help loosen the grease.
  • Then, carry out the same operations that we have just seen to do the exterior cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning: How to get shiny tiles

If you want to make your commercial kitchen look neat, you have to clean all kinds of splashes immediately when they occur.

  • Apply a degreaser on a cloth, and rub. Then dry vigorously to obtain a shine.
  • You can seek a general review of all the walls with the help of a pressure steam engine, and then use cotton cloths or kitchen paper to shine.
  • Cleaning should always be done from the highest to the lowest. So before you start, use a cloth attached to a telescopic handle to go over the ceiling.


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