One thing every restaurant owner needs to keep on top of is commercial kitchen cleaning. When you have a squeaky clean kitchen, it will not only make your restaurant look professional, but also leave your staff feeling good about their workplace – turning your customers into repeat customers.

Cleaning tips for Kitchen floors

If your restaurant or any hospitality business has been up and running for quite some time now, then, of course, you and your team will understand that to clean the floor professionally, you should, as a first step, sweep the entire area. After performing this first step, comes the stage for mopping. However, a quite invaluable tip for floor cleaning is leaving the product to rest on the restaurant’s floor for 10-15 minutes. When you do this, it allows the disinfectant to perform its job and eliminate any bacteria, or get rid of any stains that were left from spills during the preparation of food or cooking. Most kitchen cleaning services recommend using floor cleaners that are intended for professional use, if you really want to achieve that sparkly surface and thus, maintain a sound atmosphere for your restaurant. Be watchful to always thoroughly understand the instructions on your floor cleaner label, as some products can be quite powerful than others.

Clean up of hard surfaces

Cleaning hard surfaces in a lot of ways can be compared to cleaning the floors. Again, wipe, sweep, or vacuum the area as the initial step. This can be followed by a professional surface cleaner. This can be repeated on the front of ovens, fridges, microwaves or worktops and other forms of hard surfaces in your kitchen. For kitchen tops, tables, and various other surfaces that necessitate extra hygiene, use disinfectants as instructed on the packs’ instruction. If you are wondering what to use as surface cleaner, always go for the ones that are intended for professional purposes, as it can also be useful for hard surfaces such as doors, walls, tables, and floors.

Washing dishes

When washing your restaurant’s dishes, pots, and pans, it is very crucial that you should be thorough. Your clients, as well as your staff, will notice even the tiniest stain on plates when they are served with their meals, so try using a standard grease removing product. Try using dishwashing liquids that are not only good at cutting through the stains but are also gentle on your skin.

A very effective tip for restaurant owners is to avoid dry hands. This is a direct consequence of great kitchen cleaning – encourage your staff to use rubber gloves for all kitchen-related tasks. When you give your kitchen employees this better option, a lot of staff members find that the skin of their hands is less irritable – allowing them to clean dishes and other areas with more enthusiasm. Another significant tool to have in the kitchen is a great quality sponge. You need to try and avoid using a cloth or a sponge that is cheaply-priced, as it will not be as easy to use and effective for restaurant cleaning.

Cleaning out the bins

A lot of restaurant owners commit the mistake of cleaning their bins on a regular basis. However, this is not an activity that has to be done regularly, and each restaurant’s owner will find that their premises have a different frequency for the cleaning needs. Most restaurants owner understand that rinsing out the bins once or twice weekly is perfect for their needs. To clean your bins meticulously, the best approach is to take them outside and fill them with a solution formed with water and a disinfecting product. The solution should be left in place for 10 minutes, then rinsed. Otherwise, another tried and tested method of cleaning trash cans is to have the bins scrubbed with a suitable product and a scouring brush, rinse and place in its correct place. It is important that you remember to let the bin dry properly before you place a bag inside to avoid mold and unwanted smells from occurring.

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