Just like you cleanse yourself daily to maintain your personal hygiene, your kitchen also needs to be free of dirt and bacteria. Kitchen cleaning is one of the most crucial jobs when it comes to owning a restaurant where your primary concern is providing hygienic food to customers. Equally, it’s one of the biggest challenges as running a restaurant with a huge local crowd every day as it’s hard to keep up with regular kitchen cleaning. If you’re planning to weekly or monthly clean your kitchen, it will only split you apart from your primary goal which is ensuring food safety at your restaurant.

Moreover, if you lack a systematic approach, keeping your commercial kitchen clean can become a puzzle which needs to be solved timely and professionally. Today, with our experienced guide of Commercial Janitorial Services in Nashville; learn in 3 minutes how to keep your kitchen neat and clean daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Basic Actions Required By Each Cleaning Shift

First of all, grab all the essentials that will be needed by all cooking shifts every other hour in the procedure. Once you’ve gathered the items, perform the job in this manner.

  1. Brush grill between cooking red meat, poultry and fish
  2. Sweep the counter and in between the lines before you begin cooking.
  3. Wash cutting boards thoroughly
  4. Change sanitizing water off and on
  5. Change dirty cleaning rags (towels, dish rags)
  6. Empty trash bins as filled to the top.

After Each Shift

All the onboard restaurant shifts whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner are advised to divide the responsibilities for smooth execution of kitchen cleaning. Planning a specific task each day by a single team is the perfect way to narrow down cleanliness gap.  Daily tasks should include the following:

  1. Clean up the fryers
  2. Wash and wipe all surfaces (cutting boards, reach-in, line, prep tables) with commercial cleaning products. It saves you major time.
  3. Take out a brush equipped with hard bristles to remove the grease on kitchen grills.
  4. Replace dirty cleaning rags with fresh ones.
  5. Empty steam table and clean
  6. Dump all aprons and chefs coats in the separate laundry (not with cleaning rags). They need to be changed as well.
  7. Wash meat and cheese slicer after each use
  8. Empty sanitizing buckets
  9. Wash floor mats and dry them completely
  10. Sweep walk-in refrigerator
  11. Lastly, Sweep and mop the kitchen floor

Daily Tasks

There are several restaurants that hire a cleaner from credited Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services called “Night Porter” whose core job is to clean the restaurant’s kitchen at night and making it ready for the next day use. They carry out operations such as:

  1. Cleaning up grease traps
  2. An extensive wash of the can opener
  3. Changing foil linings of grill, range, and flattops
  4. Run hood filters through the dishwasher

Weekly Tasks

In order to develop the weekly kitchen cleaning drive, each of the daily tasks can be rotated throughout the week. This will not only subside burden from your kitchen staff but it will create the regulation of kitchen cleaning at your restaurant.

  1. Clear reach-in coolers and wash and sanitize them
  2. Descale sinks and faucets
  3. Wash coffee machine
  4. Sharpen knives when needed
  5. Clean the ovens. To accomplish this exhausting job the easy way, read the manufacturer’s instruction on this particular job.
  6. Oil cast iron cookware
  7. Buy professional drain cleaners and use on the floor drains. It’s one of the most effective restaurant kitchen cleaning tools to clean the items fast.

Monthly Tasks

For a weekly cleaning procedure, consider these jobs which can be easily scheduled throughout the month and can be assigned to different shifts to pull out the tricky job with excellence.

  • Clean freezers frequently
  • Empty and wash the ice machine


  • Wash behind the hotline (oven, stove, fryers) to cut down on grease build up, which is a major fire hazard
  • Sanitize ovens
  • Again, sharpen the meat and cheese slicer (it’s correspondingly necessary to cut food supplies in a hygienic environment before switching on the stove)
  • Clean your walls and ceilings with a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner. You can get one from a nearby store or if it’s urgent; make it work from online Restaurant Cleaning Companies who can provide you with your required cleaning supply on your doorstep.
  • Wipe down the dry storage area
  • Create material safety data sheets and update it regularly. The purpose of these sheets is to describe the safe use of harsh chemicals to a user.
  • Top up your first aid kit to deal with mishaps.

Annual Tasks

To ensure each year your kitchen is clean and safe; here you require the work of a professional. For this purpose, you have several options available within the power of the internet. Implementing an annual strategy of kitchen cleaning at your restaurant requires the below operations:

  • Check fire suppression system
  • Clean the pilot lights on any gas kitchen equipment (Read out the manufacturer’s instruction attentively).
  • Check the fire extinguishers (It is recommended twice a year, depending on where you live)
  • Clean the hoods twice a year. Contact professional Restaurant Cleaning Companies that specialize in hood cleaning instead of considering a DIY (stressful and time-consuming).

You can even ask a certain professional which season is best for enduring kitchen maintenance and repairs.

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