When you’re planning a construction or a renovation project of any size, the number of things to keep in view can be mind-boggling. You can begin counting with planning and designing, looking for qualified professionals to get the job done, acquiring all the essential permits, checking the actual construction services, and planning for the inevitable glitches that come up during the process. Not all people think about cleaning up after all the renovation mess is completed, and there’s much more to the cleaning of such a project than just picking up all the tools and lumber.

Here are some reasons why it seems right to hire professional cleaning services in Nashville

to clean up once you are done with your renovation project:

The safety of everyone involved.

The amount of debris that you will come across after a renovation project can be overwhelming. There are nails, sawdust, wire, broken glass, and further some bits and leftovers of building material that are just waiting to stab anyone who comes in contact with them. When you hire a professional crew of cleaner like the green cleaning services, they not only have experience in cleaning up a post-construction/renovation site, but they have more advanced equipment than just –say broom and a dustpan.

Debris will be disposed of properly.

In many areas, you can’t just throw away leftover wood or drywall in the trash pickup for that week. Construction materials need to be separated for particular pickup, as well as paint and other chemicals need to be delivered to a designated facility for legal and proper disposal. When you use a post-construction cleanup services, you know the job will be handled legally and professionally.

Quick and efficient completion of the job

When you get in touch with a professional cleanup service, they will have all the necessary equipment to get the job done faster, like trucks, trailers, and workforce. They can come to rescue you and get the job done before you even realise that you had a mess. This is because as experts, they must have done it many, many times. This releases you up to enjoy the results of all your renovation and the planning and hard work you’d put into the process.

If you’re planning a commercial or residential construction project in Nashville, call the experts at Go green cleaning for comprehensive post-construction and kitchen cleaning services. We have experts that have tons of experience to get the job done and can make sure all the dust, debris, and construction leftovers are taken care of so you can safely enjoy the new addition to your home.

Go through our list of Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

Before you can relax, unwind in your newly redesigned home, cherishing all the new details, there are some things you need to get done before you call your remodel project a success.

Pro tip: if you have respiratory problems or any form of lung disease, consider using a mask for the clean-up process. This will help protect you from the discomfort in breathing due to inhalation of dust and other chemicals.


Open the Windows

Even when you have undertaken a renovation project in the middle of the winter, open your windows. This creates an excellent airflow fo the dust to be drawn out, decreases smell from cleaning products, and minimise the strange odours of plaster dust as well as other chemicals used during the process of renovation.

First thing First, Sweep!

The most tempting first step for the post-construction clean-up is the dusting all the surfaces. However, the experts don’t recommend that. Instead, the floors need to be swept first. Sweeping frequently causes dust to settle on certain surfaces. This becomes a perfect recipe for an endless cycle of dust, sweep, and repeat. You need to try sweeping first to minimise the added dust clouds.

Dust Everything (We Mean it!)

Get out your microfiber cloths, and you need to wipe down everything that came in contact with the dust during the renovation process. Old rags are not the right option if you want the job to be completed successfully: you need to use suitable dusting cloths intended to eat up all the dust particles. Experts recommend that you need to clean between window ledges, blinds, the sides of the door frames, shelving units, cupboards, and any other surface that was in contact with the construction process. You need to begin by choosing one corner of the room near the exit and work your way back around to the same spot where you started.

Vacuum Time!

When it comes to vacuuming, you need to begin with the carpets and migrate to the corners with the extra vacuum tools. the vacuum cleaner needs to be run slowly over your carpets. Most people like to go at full speed to get the job done more rapidly, but a slow approach is ideal as it will ensure that you pick up all of the dust particles.