There are situations that can never be neglected or out of control in commercial kitchen cleaning, and one of them is the correct cleaning of kitchen utensils. From cutlery to fryers, everything must follow a perfect and controlled order of hygiene. Therefore, the question of how to clean stainless steel in a commercial kitchen. At Go Green Cleaning, we offer you some of the best and eco-friendly commercial kitchen cleaning tips to keep it impeccable.

How To Clean A Commercial Kitchen

It is no secret that the continuous use of kitchens in restaurants means that cleaning time is limited. In the case of hotels and restaurants, where service is 24 hours a day, reserving time for equipment maintenance is a complex task. However, there are certain tricks and strategies that can be adopted to achieve our goal and avoid an unpleasant visit from the health authorities.It should be noted that, depending on the country in which your business is located, you must follow the health laws and regulations for food or hotel establishments. Take into account all current legislation and the following commercial kitchen cleaning tips that will make your life much easier.

Caring for stainless steel

Before knowing some effective methods of how to clean stainless steel in a commercial kitchen cleaning, we must know a little about the care that should be given, periodically, to this type of material. It is bright and resistant steel that, due to previous modifications, does not rust or burn in humid climates like normal steels. Because of this, manufacturers prefer to use stainless steel as their main compound to make kitchen utensils and appliances. It can last a lifetime if it is given special care and maintenance. However, in situations of neglect and misuse, it can deteriorate and become unusable in a few years.

 How to clean the stainless steel?

There are many tips on commercial kitchen cleaning. The first thing to know is that with the help of natural elements, cutlery, trays and even equipment made with this material can be polished.

  • The first is the vinegar. A mixture of vinegar with a little water ensures that the stainless steel returns to its original splendor in a matter of minutes. This method is also applicable when looking for how to clean stainless steel in an industrial kitchen.
  • On the other hand, there is sodium bicarbonate which, combined with lemon or a little water. It has the ability to remove stains from any stainless steel surface.
  • A slightly more expensive ingredient, but just as effective, is olive oil. Placing a little on a damp cloth and rubbing on the steel can polish and remove stains.
  • A fundamental method is a mixture of lemon soap and a soft cloth. Take the spatula and remove the excess fat, food remains, and any substance that has soiled the iron. Then, take the lemon soap mixture and rub the entire surface with a soft sponge. When there is no excess grease, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • To polish the entire stainless steel kitchen, place vinegar on a cloth and wipe all the key points. After this, the iron and the stove will be shiny.
  • On the other hand, an alternative that we cannot ignore is that of special cleaners and detergents, which facilitate the process of commercial kitchen cleaning. These commercial products have special compounds that remove accumulated fat, dry food scraps, and stubborn stains. They are usually accessible to all kinds of businesses and individuals, so acquiring a good quality one that provides effective results is not a complicated task. Choose the manufacturer carefully and try.

Tip: to avoid taking a very long and complex deep clean, it is best to give it a daily cleaning. Use sponges with degreasers, whether commercial or natural, spatulas to remove food residues as they fall, and do general maintenance at least once a week. At the same time, you will extend the useful life of all kitchen utensils, and you will offer food without traces of contamination and a clean and healthy environment for all employees.