Cleaning and disinfecting a commercial kitchen is vital for the proper functioning of the establishment. First of all, it is a public health issue and a crucial factor for the image and quality of the restaurant. Also, the use of commercial kitchen cleaners is essential for the safety of workers and customers. If you are looking for professional cleaning services in Nashville, we are at your disposal.

What is the importance of hygiene in the commercial kitchen

The preservation and preparation of food in a commercial kitchen has to be hygienic by all means. It is essential to avoid all kinds of health problems. Especially when the summer season arrives, these precautions must be taken. The kitchen must be a clean and orderly room since food is handled there. Lack of hygiene can create sources of contamination so care must be taken to maintain and clean them.A series of tips on proper hygiene in the kitchen as well as on the correct handling and cooking of food can greatly avoid possible food poisoning. Of these, the most common is salmonellosis. These foodborne diseases are caused by the ingestion of food contaminated by microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) or their toxins, which reach the food due to improper handling or poor conservation of the same.

During the summer months, due to its high temperatures, there is a greater risk of the development of microorganisms. The routes of contamination include the hands (after using the toilets) and the droplets of saliva emitted when coughing, sneezing, or talking can contaminate the food (people who carry germs). Other routes of contamination can be contaminated water or by washing food with non-drinkable water, poorly washed utensils, and contaminated clothing. Hence the importance of maintaining hygienic habits throughout the process of conservation, cooking, and handling of food.

Hygiene rules in the commercial kitchen

The different areas of the kitchen must maintain correct hygiene and cleanliness standards. Among them we would highlight:


It should be a cool and ventilated place. Food should be kept away from light and heat sources (around 17C). Avoid contact with the ground.

Fridge and freezer

Keep them clean. The ideal is to wash it with soap and water before putting in the weekly purchase and every 3 months to carry out a deeper cleaning.


It should always be kept covered, the ideal is a bucket with a pedal.


Those commonly used for food handling such as kitchen tables should be cleaned with soap, water, and a brush after each use. The use of hardwood or rigid plastic boards, which are free of defects and easy to wash, is recommended. Regarding the rest of the utensils, they must be clean and washed when cutting is finished. Wash the lids of canned foods before opening them and never put ready-to-eat foods on a plate where raw food (such as meat, chicken, or fish was previously placed).

Cloths and rags

It is recommended to use a cloth or cloth for each use and should be washed and wrung out after use. Sponges and brushes are perfect when washed in the dishwasher. Rags used for drying dishes and cleaning the kitchen must be clean. It is advisable to wash them at least once a week with hot water. For periodic cleaning, call the commercial kitchen cleaners.

The area where you cook must be uncontaminated

Wash with a special chlorine solution or with a commercial bactericidal solution.

Kitchen sink drain

It can be a source of accumulation of germs. It is recommended to use a specific disinfectant solution, especially if meat or products derived from dead animals have been prepared. This should be done as these wastes stay in the drain and can create a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Hire commercial cleaning services in Nashville

The first point that cleaning companies take into account is prevention. If we want to avoid accidents, it is best to always comply with the regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards in hotels and restaurants.As for cleaning in particular, we have to think that it is a complex job. We must make sure to degrease and disinfect all surfaces and utensils, in addition to being especially careful in those specific areas where food is handled. If we want the kitchen of your restaurant to be in perfect condition, you will have to clean it regularly with the help of commercial kitchen cleaners. The cleaning of extractor hoods must be done periodically. Therefore, the best option is to have the work of professionals specialized in kitchen cleaning services in Nashville.