When it comes to the restaurant business, cleanliness should be the top priority. Not only will the patrons appreciate it, but health regulations also require that you to keep it clean. Whether you run a traditional restaurant or a fast-food chain, different establishments should follow different protocols to keep themselves up to regulations.Commercial kitchen cleaning requires you to work according to a restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist to keep your restaurant tidy. From daily maintenance to annual checkups, you need to put them all down in writing. Here we present is a basic checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly activities to keep your kitchen tidy.

Checklist for Daily Activities

Cleaning After Each Cooking Shift

This restaurant kitchen cleaning activity should be carried out by the kitchen staff after every cooking shift. Frequently, they work these activities into their daily schedules to complete them on a timely basis. These tasks include:

  • Brushing the grill between cooking red or raw meat, poultry and fish
  • Prepping the areas and wiping down the lines
  • Switch cutting boards
  • Change the sanitizing water and clean the rags
  • Empty the trash cans

Daily Checklist

Commercial kitchen cleaning should be a shared responsibility for each shift, which means after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Making a chart that specifies the time these tasks will be carried out each day ensures that there is no gap in cleanliness. These activities include:

  • Cleaning the fryers and brushing the grills
  • Putting all the rags in a laundry basket
  • Put aprons and chef coats in a separate laundry
  • Wash, sanitize and clear all surfaces like cutting boards and prep tables
  • Empty steam tables and sanitizing buckets
  • Cover the bins with plastic wraps
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Wash slicers and floor mats

Checklist for Weekly Activities

There are specific activities associated with weekly restaurant kitchen cleaning. Each of these duties must be performed weekly to ensure every shift gets an equal amount of work. These activities include:

  • Washing and sanitizing the reach-in coolers
  • De-lime and wash faucets, sinks and basins
  • Clean the coffee machine
  • Clean the ovens according to instruction manuals
  • Oil cast all the ironware
  • Use drain cleaners in floor drains

Checklist for Monthly Activities

Commercial kitchen cleaning requires performing specific cleaning operations on a monthly basis to keep the kitchen clean throughout the month. This way, your kitchen will remain clean all the time, even if there is a surprise inspection comes around. The monthly checklist includes:

  • Avoid significant fire hazard by washing behind ovens, stoves, and fryers to clear grease buildup
  • Empty and sanitize ice machine
  • Calibrate the ovens and thermometers
  • Sharpen the meat and cheese slicers
  • Wash wall, ceilings and wipe storage area dry
  • Change and clear ant/pest traps
  • Restocking first aid kit
  • Check and refill safety materials like fire hydrants, if necessary