How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When you’re an owner of a commercial restaurant kitchen or any type of kitchen that’s run commercially, the health and safety of your customers as well as staff depends on the cleanliness of your premises. To that end, it’s crucial to clean up and eliminate as much dirt and bacteria as possible.

The best practices for restaurant cleaning include founding guidelines for keeping your restaurant clean as well as the equipment that’s within. As a restaurant owner, you also need to train your employees on the sanitising and cleaning of kitchen equipment and tools. Responsible restaurant management should also engage in the finest practices by laying out a weekly, daily, or monthly schedule commercial restaurant kitchen cleaning schedule.

Wondering where to start? How to ace the cleaning schedule for your commercial restaurant cleaning? You need to bid farewell to your dirty restaurant kitchen and introduce yourself to sparkling clean operation as we roll out some of the best restaurant cleaning procedures and tips for commercial kitchen maintenance. Read through to find out!

How To Maintain and Clean Inceptors, Grease Traps, And Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Grease traps present under the sinks along with the inceptors need to be cleaned at least every week if you wish to keep things running smoothly. Routine cleaning will eliminate the chances of plugging of the sewer line. If grease machines are more than 50% full with a weekly cleaning schedule, the cleaning frequency needs to be increased for sanitation and safety purposes. If you observe the sewer line backing up into the commercial establishment, it can result in a substantial health hazard. Standard cleaning with grease trap cleaning equipment not only eliminates grease blockages but also decreases expenses in many other ways, including keeping the repair costs low and conservation of water.


The kitchen’s exhaust system filters also need to be cleaned on a regular schedule. By doing this, you can prevent grease and oil from escaping and entering into the storm drain system while also being a crucial precautionary step against kitchen fires.

How to Clean Restaurant Equipment Made of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the material of choice when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment. This isn’t just true for aesthetics: some forms of stainless steel are resistant to bacteria. In order to keep your commercial kitchen with stainless steel equipment and tools in their finest working condition, make use of a wet cloth and mild detergent to wipe and clean in the direction of the finish. If a solution of detergent and water isn’t sufficient to carry out the process of cleaning, like in the case of baked-on grease, baking soda or a commercial cream cleaner can help. Rinse the surface and dry immediately the following cleaning to avoid the risk of contamination.

Greasy Floors In The Commercial Kitchen Floors – How To Clean

When it comes to a typical commercial kitchen, dirty floors seem like an everyday sight in restaurants. Dropped food can result in germs in the air in the form of small droplets – adversely affecting the food’s quality and giving way for diseases. When employees wear shoes into walk-in freezers, walk-in refrigerators, and food-prep areas, it can track dirt resulting in cross-contamination. What can you do? Dirty commercial kitchen floors can be so much more than just a trip-and-fall hazard. They can also be a threat to public health, as they can harbour pathological organisms and can become a vector for diseases. Unfortunately, mopping may not get you the results that you desired.

So what’s the most effective method of cleaning when it comes to the question of how to clean a greasy restaurant kitchen floor? Commercial cleaning services advise a floor cleaning system that scrubs the restaurant’s floor and sucks up all the dirty liquid into a holding tank. While this appears like a needless expense compared to a straightforward mop, it’s an investment in the general well-being of your commercial restaurant kitchen. A commercial kitchen degreaser is one of the most essential commercial kitchen cleaning supplies that can help you get rid of the grease from kitchen floors. Want to hear a useful tip? You can save the task of cleaning the floors for last, so you don’t have to do the work again due to debris falling from other surfaces as you wash them.