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Dear Restaurateurs, whether you decorate your restaurant with ancient paintings from Egypt or serve the most exquisite Risotto, if you don’t pay attention to your restaurant cleaning you are getting nowhere in the business!

There are many challenges associated with running a busy restaurant, but the biggest one is keeping the kitchen clean. Be it a table full of burgers and junk or a lavish intimate setting via lit candles, the restaurant experience is a special one – but not if you catch cockroaches running around the table and cutlery.

With a multitude of activities happening every day without a day off, regular cleaning of the kitchen and dining space can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a proper system in place.

While there is no excuse for a dirty restaurant, gum and grease trails on the sidewalls, dust on chair rails and other décor, kitchen equipment coated with a grease film, meat dripping from the kitchen station and stuff like that can not only make your customers go away but also result in having your restaurant shut down by the authorities.

If you look forward to never putting up with any of these, have a seat and take your time to digest these few tips so you can make the most out of your commercial cleaning services experience while keeping your restaurant clean and in apple-pie order to avoid bad reviews.

Keep the Health Department happy

The Health Department is that marketing friend who will help you bring business in.

Many restaurants tremble at the thought of a safety inspection by the Health Department because they know if things turn out to be dirty, it could cost thousands of dollars to their sales.

Don’t wait for a raid to knock sense into your mind.

However, if you happen to face some of the consequences due to negligence, respond constructively and cooperate with the authorities to have a strict food safety management system in place. The health Department can actually help you bring in more business if you take them seriously.

Health is wealth (in literal meaning)


The Restaurateurs,

If the aforementioned cockroach isn’t a part of your interior décor or menu, please call cleaning services Nashville and have it removed. A pest-free restaurant is all that customers ask for.

Thank you

The other pests that you need to ban from your kitchen are rodents and flies. The presence of these insects and pests can literally ruin the restaurant experience for customers. If you keep your place (and food) healthy, more business will pour in. Thus, in your case, good health will actually bring you wealth.

Additionally, an unhygienic place will be stormed by health inspectors in no time. They would immediately close down your restaurant because of sanitation and food safety issues.

Follow Restaurant 101 rule – customers should enter hungry and leave healthy

Many well-known restaurants and food joints were shut down in the U.S after the outbreak of food-related diseases such as E. coli infections and Botulism. Taco Bell and Chipotle were also among the list. One of the main reasons why such things happen is contaminated food, particularly prepared on unclean stations with unhygienic ingredients as a plus.

We at go green cleaning services pay special attention around your kitchen area to ensure quality and health. We eliminate all the bacteria that produce toxins and render food unsafe for consumption.

Norovirus infection, E. coli contamination, and food poisoning are some of the critical food safety issues that people avoid at all costs. You also have to look after such critical things in order to maintain the reputation of your restaurant. Make sure all the surfaces are sanitized, and the food is carefully prepared to ensuring high standards, so customers leave your restaurant full and satisfied, and not nauseously rushing to the hospital.

Restaurant cleanliness outplays customer service, cash it!

Often there are cases where customers rather tolerate bad or slow customer service than dine at a dirty restaurant. So make sure your restaurant is the one giving all things gold – not just good customer service, but healthy food, ambiance and most importantly, cleanliness.

To sum up, if you want to run a successful restaurant business, you need some brownie points from food safety inspectors and customers alike. Be consistent with your sanitation practices through proper employee training and by getting a timely follow-up. By doing so, your restaurant will manage to avoid food-related illnesses along with filthy roaches and ultimately gain those rave reviews.

Train staff to keep up with the food safety

In a restaurant kitchen, you have many hands handling food, from chefs and waiters to bussers and dishwashers. Training all of them in food safety, proper hygiene, and restaurant cleanliness is the key to boom your business. Your commercial kitchen cleaning service providers can also instruct your staff on how to maintain the place.

Whether you own a small burger joint or a big fancy food mansion, if you don’t let the roaches and oil stains out of your restaurant then you are doing nothing good for your business. Hence, pay a little more attention to these five restaurant cleaning tips if you want to take your food business to new heights.