Are you a food lover who frequently likes to try new cuisine? Have you ever wondered what goes around inside the kitchen? If not then you might be endangering yourself of getting indebted towards a hospital. The restaurant kitchen cleaning isn’t up to par at most of the eating joints. “Commercial kitchen cleaning services” is a term which is unheard of by most of the restaurant owners in Nashville even after having complete understanding of the food safety laws. Below are the few variables which play a pivotal role in rendering your stomach with food poisoning if restaurant kitchen cleaning isn’t taken up by the restaurant’s management. Here are just a few of the areas that are not being sanitized as needed in several restaurants.

Personal Sanitation

The first and foremost variable in commercial kitchen cleaning services is having the kitchen workforce keep their hygiene factor in check. It has often been the work protocol of the kitchen staff that in the rush hour most of the personal sanitary obligations like changing of gloves etc are kept at bay & swiftness of service is prioritized which can be deadly for the customer’s health.

Complimentary Bowls

The complimentary appetizers should be considered a NO-GO area for the people. We all want something for free right? But what’s the use of such liberty which can land you in the hospital? Restaurant cleaning Nashville law includes certain protocols for the free bowls that are offered to the customers but those laws are seldom abided by.

Dirty Furniture

Restaurant furniture usually contains the bacteria which is invisible to the naked eye. Many cheap restaurant cleaning services are offered to the joints where they fulfill the obligation of cleaning the dirty furniture just for the sake of doing it. If only the management of the eatery could image the implied role in cutting the revenues that the bacteria ridden furniture plays, it would hire professional commercial cleaning services for the joint.

 Cleaning Sponges

This apparatus is usually overused at the restaurants well past their age. Their dampness harnesses bacteria inside which can easily make its way to your stomach. Having clean sponges are an integral part of commercial kitchen cleaning services.


The law of commercial janitorial services in Nashville explicitly states that an eatery must have toilets which must be regularly cleaned by the janitorial staff in the specified way, which is often ignored by most of the restaurants.


The same old leather stitched diary-like catalogue which passes through several hands to finally land into yours. Its sanitation also comes in the jurisdiction of commercial cleaning Nashville law and is mostly overlooked.

The Ice Conundrum

People often raise their eyebrows over the sanitation of the ice-cubes & rightly so, the source of water and the containers which hold them together usually aren’t that clean with rust ridden.

Salt and Pepper Containers

Ever wonder when those cute little salt and pepper containers on your table were cleaned? Ever wonder how much bacteria they are covered with? No restaurant takes care of these containers which often carry dampness inside making them a great resting place for bacteria.


It looks tempting to the naked eye but the constant random usage of same cooking apparatus makes it a great hideout of different kinds of bacteria.


Everything that glitters isn’t gold or in this case isn’t clean either. Rust infested silverware has often been seen at some of the best restaurants in the world.

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